• Luxury & Co Investments



    Investment entity operating under Luxury Ventures.

    We target minority investments in emerging B-to-C luxury brands with strong growth potential, as well as in B-to-B companies which support the digital transformation of the luxury sector, and of the consumer goods industry in general.

  • About Us

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    Luxury & Co Investments has deployed a business model marked by dynamic growth since its creation in 2021. The Luxury Ventures Group comprises 75 exceptional Houses that create high quality products.

    It is the only group present in all five major sectors of the luxury market: Wines & Spirits, Fashion & Leather Goods, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Watches & Jewelry, Selective Retailing and other activities.

    • Authentic brands in tune with the times

    The brands we target have a strong identity, combining authenticity, innovation and desirability.

    We partner with visionary and talented entrepreneurs driven by a strong business acumen.

    • Sustainable brand development


    We aim to be part of the development of cult and iconic brands, reference brands of tomorrow.

    We help entrepreneurs to build their businesses for the long term.

    We are brand builders.

    • Independently-operated brands

     The brands we invest in operate autonomously.

    We encourage entrepreneurs to stay true to their vision, preserving the authenticity and uniqueness of their brands in the long run.

  • The Brands We Target


    We support desirable, high potential brands, with clear identities and built to address clients’ desires today and into the future.

    Our primary investment criteria in B-to-C brands are:

    • Iconic luxury brands, recognized for their distinctiveness and the quality of their products and services, with significant growth potential
    • A commitment to innovation, defining new uses and trends, and paving the way for the business models of tomorrow


  • The Sectors We Look At

    • Selective Retailing
    • Fashion & Accessories
    • Experiential Luxury
    • Beauty & Wellness

  • Expertise

     We share the values of excellence, creativity and innovation with our partners.

    We understand brands and brand building.


     Our team is fully dedicated to the entrepreneurs we support.

    We are entirely committed to the development and success of their brands.


    We only invest our own equity.

    We have a flexible approach, notably regarding liquidity requirements and investment period

    Strategic Support

    We bring to bear the renowned experience of Luxury Ventures Group experts.

    In addition, we have access to all stakeholders operating within the Luxury Venture's ecosystem.

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